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Static Var Compensator
Jan 06, 2019

ZDDQ power quality solutions applied in oil and gas industry

Static Var Compensation (SVC)

Static Var Compensators (SVC) are devices that can quickly and reliably control line voltages. An SVC will typically regulate and control the voltage to the required set point under normal steady state and contingency conditions and thereby provide dynamic, fast response reactive power following system contingencies (e.g. network short circuits, line and generator disconnections). In addition, an SVC can also increase transfer capability, reduce losses, mitigate active power oscillations and prevent over voltages at loss of load.
The SVC is customized to fit each customer with their specific needs. The SVC consists of a number of fixed or switched branches, of which at least one branch includes thyristors, and the combination of branches can be varied a lot depending on requirements. An SVC typically includes a combination of at least two of the given items below (e.g. TCR/FC or TCR/TSC/FC):

Thyristor controlled reactor (TCR)
Thyristor switched capacitor (TSC)
Harmonic filter (FC)
Mechanically switched capacitor bank (MSC) or reactor bank (MSR)

zddq mv svc automatic power factor correction capacitor banks
zddq hv svc automatic power factor correction capacitor banks
MV SVC contactor switched APFC capacitor banks
MV SVC Contactor switched SVC capacitor banks

Most common topologies for SVCs are: TCR/FC or TCR/TSC/FC. The main advantage for using a topology with TSC branch(es) is to reduce the losses (by reducing the filter size). Mechanically switched banks can be included both on HV and LV side of SVC transformer to increase the total reactive power support outside the dynamic range.  SVC control system can be utilized for controlling new or existing external shunt banks.

zddq lv svc contactor switched capacitor banks
zddq lv svc tsc capacitor banks
ZDDQ L.V SVC Contactor switched capacitor banks
ZDDQ L.V SVC TSC capacitor banks


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