active power filter
  • Q1: Industrial application field of STATCOM

  • A: 1.Steel industry (electric arc furnaces (EAFs), rolling mills, etc.) 2.Mining (Mine winders, excavators, conveyors) 3.Shredders and crushers 4.Welding 5.Cement plants 6.Traction 7.Harbor cranes 8.Voltage and reactive power control in transmission and distribution utilities 9.Wind Farm 10.Solar Plant
  • Q1: Key functions of STATCOM

  • A: 1.Dynamic reactive power compensation; 2.Flicker mitigation; 3.Effective reduction of voltage fluctuations; 4.Active harmonic filtering; 5.Load balancing.
  • Q1: Customer benefits from STATCOM

  • A: 1.Higher productivity by reducing melt-time in steel plants; 2.Increased torque leading to higher payloads of large inductive loads; 3.Easy compliance with grid-code criteria in wind and solar farms; 4.Cost-effective solution to increase existing electrical network capacity; 5.Reduced system losses; 6.Quick return on investment; 7.Reduced maintenance costs and longer lifetime of plant; 8.Transmission and distribution network capacity enhancement;
  • Q1: Static Synchronous Compensator

  • A: ZDDQ Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) solution is a custom designed system to be installed on transmission grids. It provides grid operators with reactive power compensation and improved range of operational voltage with a faster response time and a smaller footprint than traditional SVC solutions.
  • Q1: SVC PLUS

  • A: SVC PLUS combines the benefits of static synchronous compensation (STATCOM) and modular multilevel converter technology with an optimized amount of components. SVC PLUS is the fastest dynamic voltage stabilizer
  • Q1: Characteristic harmonics

  • A: Those harmonics produced by static converters during theo- retically ideal operation. The characteristic harmonic order of static AC/DC converters is given by h = mp ± 1, where p is the pulse number of the converter and m is any integer. For example, the six-pulse converter circuit has characteristic harmonics with order numbers h = 5, 7, 11, 13,1 7, 19... . (IEC 61642)
  • Q1: Odd harmonics and Even harmonics

  • A: Harmonics with odd harmonic order,such as 3rd,5th,7th,9th,...,49th order harmonics, Harmonics with even harmonic order.such as 2nd,4th,6th,8th,...,50th order harmonics.
  • Q1: Harmonic order (h)

  • A: The ratio of the frequency of a harmonic (fh) to the fundamen- tal (rated) network frequency (f1). (IEV 161-02-19 modified)
  • Q1: harmonics

  • A: The component of the Fourier-series decomposition of a volt- age or current periodic wave. (IEV 161-02-18 modified)
  • Q1: How to calculate the power of capacitors(reactive power)

  • A: a‐Calculation from electricity bills;  b‐Calculation from measuring elements read on the HV/LV transformer secondary winding/PkW-cosφ; c‐Calculation for the future installations; d‐Calculation for independent producers (small power station). more details contact with
  • Q1: ZDDQ manufature of power quality solution

  • A: ZDDQ is a manufacture of power quality solutions, our main products are active harmonic fitler,static var generator and automatic power factor correction panels.
  • Q1: STATCOM Technology for Wind Parks to Meet Grid Code Requirements

  • A: The continuous increase of installed wind power seen during recent years has forced the transmission system operators (TSO) to tighten their grid connection rules – also known as Grid Code - in order to limit the effects of power parks on network quality and stability. These new rules demand that power plants of any kind support the electricity network throughout their operation. Key issues are steady state and dynamic reactive power capability, continuously acting voltage control and fault ride through behavior. Some commonly used turbine designs have some limits in terms of achieving Grid Code compliance in several countries. For parks based on such turbines, additional equipment is needed. This paper presents the medium voltage STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) technology which adds the missing functionality to wind parks in order to become Grid Code compliant. The STATCOM as a pure static device with no switched passive components provides outstanding performance for both steady state and dynamic operation. Especially, the fast dynamic voltage control and the behavior during balanced as well as unbalanced grid faults (fault ride-through) are highlighted. Based on medium-voltage converter platforms widely used for industrial applications, ZDDQ has successfully supplied STATCOMs to the wind power industry in order to integrate wind parks into grids with demanding connection requirements.
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