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Jan 08, 2018

ZDDQ solutions for standard-compliant and efficient operation of electrical grids.

At the moment, in the world of electricity supply, a shift is taking place towards a dispersed, and at times remote, power supply based on a volatile feed-in of renewable energies. For this reason, reactive power is becoming increasingly important for the operation of supply grids, which are currently still being provided by large, spatially dispersed power plants that are connected to the extra-high voltage transmission grid. Because homogeneous spatial distribution is declining together with the noted shift in electricity supply, depending on the topology of the supply grid, the use of local, inductive or capacitive reactive-power compensation systems on high- and medium-voltage grids is necessary both technically and in terms of cost.
ZDDQ offers corresponding system solutions, tailored to customers' needs, for the provision and generation of reactive power in high-voltage and medium-voltage grids in order to allow for the future-oriented integration of dispersed renewable energies.


0.4kv Capacitor banks

6kv~35kv Capacitor banks

0.4Kv Static var generator

6~35kv statcom

Active Harmonic Filter

Are you sure that your production facilities are sufficiently protected against disruptions? We are happy to carry out a comprehensive grid analysis with you in order to proactively identify any possible problems. Naturally, should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

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