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MV/HV Statcom
Jan 06, 2019

High Voltage SVG/STATCOM

High voltage SVG/STATCOM series static var generator using IGBT as the core power modules which can quicklyand continuously provide capacitive or inductive reactive power, achieve constant reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor control through the assessment point, and ensure the power grid is running stable, high efficiency and high quality. In the power distribution network, the small capacity STATCOM can significantly improve the power quality (improve the power factor, overcome phase imbalance, eliminate voltage flicker and fluctuation, restraining harmonic), if it is installed in some special loads (such as electric arc furnace).

Main Function

ZDDQ STATCOM has superior advantages compare with conventional fixed capacitor compensator, MCR and TCR.

Fast reactive power adjustment

ZDDQ STATCOM provides continuous dynamic compensation to power factor along the load variation. It completely eradicates capacitive reactive power delivery to networks and maintain power factor in designed value for network. Statcom has advantages:

1.Fast response, able to implement dynamic compensation(both inductive and capacitive vars) in real time.

2.Effectively avoid parallel resonance.

3.Able to produce and absorb reactive power.

4.Deliver less harmonic to system.

Restrain voltage fluctuation and flicker

Power grid voltage has fluctuation and flicker when high power impact load is operating. Voltage fluctuation and flicker bring negative influence to other nearby customers’ electricity usage and sensitive load by decreasing safety for electricity usage and decreasing efficiency for production, increasing risk of faulty production. STATCOM response time is less than 1ms and it provides smooth dynamic compensation for reactive power. It is more efficient to restrain voltage flicker and reduce voltage fluctuation, improve voltage to meet standard.

Constant current, effectively restrain voltage drop

ZDDQ STATCOM has characteristic of constant current. It has advantage in voltage control due to its reactive current output is not affected by busbar voltage. System needs more dynamic reactive power when system voltage gets lower. STATCOM reactive current output is not related to system voltage, but the conventional capacitor VAR compensator’s reactive power output is proportional to square value of voltage. STATCOM can provide better support for improving low voltage ride through (LVRT) characteristic in wind power.

Compensate negative sequence, implement balanced power supply

ZDDQ STATCOM has unique chained structure to allow split-phase adjustment and realizes energy interchange between different phases. It provides balanced compensation to load negative sequence by applying Steinmetz balanced principle. STATCOM makes current flow into system with balanced power and desired reactive power.

Resistance to harmonics, able to compensate the part of harmonic current

Due to widely applications of nonlinear load, harmonics threat public power grid worse than before. Harmonics cause equipment overheat, insulation depletion, extra power loss, decrease efficiency of power system and electrical equipment. It also cause malfunction of protection relay and malfunction of automatic device, inaccuracy of measurement and interfere nearby communication system. It is possible to have fire hazard when 3rd harmonic flow through natural line and makes line overheat.STATCOM applies carrier phase shift multi-level PWM(Pulse Width Modulation)control strategy and its high frequency equivalent switch can filtering partial load harmonics without amplifying them and no harmonic resonance. It makes possible for multi-function in on equipment.

Technical features

1.Provides fast smooth dynamic compensation from inductive to capacitive in reactive power. Also eradicates reactive power delivery to the power grid. It meets the maximum request to compensate power factor, keeps power factor close to 1.0 at anytime.

2.Low power loss, better economical operation.

3.Has powerful ability to support voltage and ability to withstand short-time overload. Provide better support for improving low voltage ride through (LVRT) characteristic for wind turbine. Decrease negative influence which caused by repetitive switching operation to the wind turbine.

4.Faster response time and better effect for restraining flicker.

5.Produce no harmonic and filtering partial load harmonic without amplifying harmonic and no harmonic resonance. 6.It has better safety and stability due to it is not sensitive to the system parameters.

7.Modules designed, easy for installation and maintenance. Redundant N+1 structure provides high reliability.

8.Less space for installation, also provides flexible installation, equipment can be installed indoor/outdoor.

9.Low loss and low noise.


ZDDQ STATCOM products can be widely used in petrochemical, power systems, metallurgy, electrified railway, unban construction and other industries. It can provides high quality and high reliability reactive power compensation and filtering methods to a variety of asynchronous motor, transforms, thyristor inverters, frequency inverter, induction furnace, lighting equipment, electric arc furnaces, electric locomotives, hoists, cranes, punches, elevators, wind generators, welding machines, resistance furnace, and quartz furnace etc.


Medium voltage STATCOM

High voltage STATCOM



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