Reactive power fundamentals
Nov 23,2019


The unit of measurement for reactive power.

Active power (P)

Active power is the useful power that does the actual work. Active power is measured in W, kW, MW.

Reactive power (Q)

Reactive power is a product of an AC system. Reactive power is used to produce magnetic fields. Reactive power is mea- sured in var, kvar, Mvar.

Apparent power (S)

Apparent power or total power is a combination of active power and reactive power. Apparent power is measured in VA, kVA, MVA.

Ratio of the active power to the apparent power

Power factor or cos Φ, is a measurement of the efficiency in the system. Power factor describes the relationship between active and apparent power.

Generated reactive power

Generated reactive power of the bank/system is the power generated at the operational voltage, expressed in Mvar.

Rated output

Rated output is the theoretical power of the bank/system generated at the rated voltage, expressed in Mvar. It is also referred as installed power.

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