Different possible capacitor bank installations
Nov 22,2019

In an L.V/M.V/H.V electrical installation, capacitor banks (or Static var generator/Active harmonic filter)can be installed at 3 different levels.

1.Global installation


- No reactive energy bill.

- Represents the most economical solution since all the power is concentrated at one point and the expansion coefficient makes it possible to optimize banks

- Relieves the transformer. Remark:

- The losses in the cables (RI2) are not reduced.

2.Sector installation


- No reactive energy bill.

- Relieves most of the line feeders and reduces Joule's heat losses (RI2) in these feeders

- Incorporates t he expansion of each sector.

- Relieves he transformer.

- Remains economical. Remark:

- Solution generally used for a very large plan network.

3.Individual installation


- No reactive energy bill.

- From a technical point of view, the ideal solution since the reactive energy is produced in the same place as where it is consumed; therefore, the Joule's heat losses (RI2) are reduced in all the lines

- Relieves the transformer. Remark:

- Most costly solution given:

‐ The high number of installations

‐ The non‐incorporation of the expansion coefficient

central compensation global installation
sector compensation sector installation
individual compensation individual installation

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