Industrial applications of Active Harmonic Filter
Dec 07,2019

Active Harmonic Filter

Active Harmonic Filter has many potential applications where its use can offer plenty of benefits. Active Harmonic Filters have been proven to provide lowered disturbances, lower carbon dioxide emissions through improved energy efficiency, lower current consumption and increased production stability to name a few. Just as other technology has evolved, so have various production technologies. Today’s semiconductor loads require far more sophisticated solutions than was necessary in the past – a need met by modern Active Harmonic Filter.

active harmonic principle

Most typical Applicaitons of Active Hamornic Filter

Active harmonic filter applied in Meltning furnace
active harmonic filter applied in wind farm
active harmonic filter applied in solar plant/pv plant
active harmonic filter applied in crans

Variable Frequency Drives

The most common application for Active Harmonic Filters is the compensation of harmonics generated by variable frequency drives, often referred to as VFDs or Frequency Converters. Drive systems have the benefits of lower losses and increased production flexibility at the cost of higher harmonics emissions. Harmonics emissions make passive compensation unsuitable. Active harmonic filter, especially with a modular approach, allows successive installation and mitigation of selected harmonics.


Furnaces and casting processes are known to give rise to both flicker and harmonics. This is largely due to being some of the most energy intensive production processes today. Active Harmonic Filter is ideal to combat both of these issues to increase production stability and reduce effects on the grid.


Light systems can cause harmonics that heat neutral conductors and disturb nearby equipment. This can mean production disturbances and unnecessary maintenance costs. Modern energy saving lamps may be more likely to cause disturbances depending on type. Active Harmonic Filters are well suited to combat these problems.

Welding Plants

Active Harmonic Filters can mitigate Flicker.Electrical welding systems place uneven demands with extremely high peaks in current demand during short periods. The resulting highly fluctuating voltage levels cause flicker. Flicker emissions can cause disturbances with other electrical consumers such as neighboring industries or residential areas and can cause reliability issues with nearby equipment. 

Wind and Solar Power Systems

A major problem inherent in many renewable energy sources today is the inconstant load delivered to the grid. Both wind and solar energy is delivered as wind and sun is available, causing surges of energy that the existing grid is usually not built for. The remote location of these energy plants also means that grid connections are suboptimal.

Wind power systems cause flicker, harmonics or interharmonics as well as other problems. Solar power plants cause harmonics and interharmonics. In some cases, especially in weaker networks, resonances may be excited by the harmonic output of the solar inverters. Active Harmonic Filter is very effective in combatting these problems; reducing the stress placed on the grid and making these renewable energy sources more effective and widely viable.

UPS Systems

UPS or Uniterruptible Power Suplies can save lives as well as data and financial loss. A UPS system connected to a network polluted with harmonics can malfunction and has a shortened life span. Connecting an Active Harmonic Filter to secure uninterrupted power supply will ensure production uptime.

active harmonic filter application

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