Medium Voltage Dynamic Reactive Compensation MV STATCOM
Feb 21,2020

Medium Voltage STATCOM-Dynamic Reactive Compensation

-----Providing stability, security, and reliability to the grid

Installing a STATCOM at one or more suitable points on the network is a powerful and cost effective method to increase grid transfercapability and enhance voltage stability.

What is a STATCOM?
A STATCOM (or Static Synchronous Compensator) is a voltage regulating device. It is based on a power electronics voltage-source converter and can act as either a source or sink of reactive AC power. It is a member of the Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) family which detects and instantly compensates for voltage fluctuations or flicker, as well as controls power factor.
As a fully controllable power electronic device, the STATCOM is capable of providing both capacitive and inductive VARs. ZDDQ’s MV STATCOMs can be rated at up to +/-100 MVAR although larger sizes are possible.

Medium Voltage Outdoor Static Synchronous Compensator(STATCOM)

STATCOM Applications
Electrical utilities and heavy industries face a number of challenges related to reactive power. Electrical utilities may be confronted with voltage sags, poor power factor and even voltage instability. Heavy industrial applications can cause disturbances like voltage unbalance, distortion or flicker on the electrical grid. Reactive power control can resolve these issues by improving the power factor or compensating for the voltage instability. In many cases, the traditional solutions of switching capacitors is too coarse and slow to stabilize a weak network.

The most advanced solution to compensate reactive power is to incorporate a Voltage Source Converter (VSC) as a variable source of reactive power. These systems offer advantages compared to standard reactive power compensation solutions in demanding applications, such as wind farms and arc furnaces, where normal reactive power control generated by generators or capacitor banks alone are too slow for the sudden load changes.

ZDDQ STATCOM Benefits,Features and typical applications

–– mproves power quality and plant reliability
–– Increases network stability and transmission capacity
–– Delivers grid compliance when necessary for renewable energy
–– High availability and reliability
–– Power factor control
–– Voltage regulation
–– Independant phase control
–– Flicker compensation
–– Active harmonic filtering (application specific)
–– Multiple system parallel control
–– High and low voltage ride through
–– Modular inverter blocks for simple long term maintenance
–– Medium voltage transformer included in footprint as option minimizes installation costs
–– 200-300% overload capacity

Typical Applicaitons

–– Utilities with weak grids or fluctuating reactive loads
–– Unbalanced loads
–– Arc furnaces
–– Wind farms
–– Wood chippers
–– Welding operations
–– Car crushers & shredders
–– Industrial mills
–– Mining shovels, hoists and mills
–– Harbor cranes

statcom applied in solar plant
statcom applied in power substation
statcom applied in wind farm
statcom applied in arc furnance
statcom applied in industry mills

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