High Power STATCOM in Electricity Networks
May 13,2020

High Power STATCOM  in Electricity Networks

A High Power STATCOM is usually installed to support electricity networks that have a poor power factor and often poor voltage regulation. STATCOM –static synchronous compensator – is a solution often deployed by utilities or large industries to solve flicker, harmonic and dynamic reactive compensation problems in medium voltage or high voltage networks.

STATCOM technology

STATCOM systems are based on VSC(voltage source conveter) technology and usually custom made for a specific case or installation. STATCOM devices are connected in shunt, or parallel to, the load in high power gird.

Superior levels of availability meet the stringent requirements of large-scale renewable energy projects and critical electricity transmission and distribution applications. In addition to its built-in redundancy, the solution offers self-starting and voltage-balancing without the need of an external power source or equipment.

STATCOM Benefits

  1. Dynamic step-less power factor correction
  2. Real Capacitive and Inductive power flow control
  3. Enghanced network reliability
  4. Improveld grid voltage
  5. Fast response to system events

indoor STATCOM

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