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Capacitor banks
Jan 06, 2019

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What is Capacitor banks?

Capacitor banks, a group of several capacitors of the same rating that are connected in series or parallel with each others, help to improve the quality of the electrical power and gives us the more efficient operation of the power system. Capacitor banks are inexpensive if we compare the benefits they deliver to overall power system and can be easily installed anywhere on the network. Automatic Power-factor Correction (APFC) Capacitor Banks also known as Shunt Capacitor Banks (SCB) are installed to provide reactive compensation and power factor correction. The use of APFC improve voltage regulation, saves power loss and improve transmission capabilities.

What Does a Capacitor Bank Work?

Capacitor banks, work on the same theory that a single capacitor does; they are designed to store electrical energy, just at a greater capacity than a single device. An individual capacitor consists of two conductors which are separated by a dielectric or insulating material. When current is sent through the conductors, an electric field that is static in nature then develops in the dielectric which acts as stored energy. The dielectric is designed to permit a predetermined amount of leakage which will gradually dissipate the energy stored in the device which is one of the larger differences between capacitors and batteries.

Typical Applications

Our modern world of electronics requires a lot of energy. To meet this demand, energy must be stored electrically for easy access. Capacitors are ideal for storing large electrical energy charges as well as conditioning the flow of energy as needed.
Here are some of the typical uses for capacitor banks:
• Shunt Capacitor: A shunt is a mechanism that allows electric current to pass around another point in the circuit by creating a low-resistance path. In electrical noise bypass applications, capacitors are used to redirect high-frequency noise to ground before it can propagate throughout the system, but especially to the load. Shunt capacitor banks are used to improve the quality of the electrical supply and thus improve the efficiency of the power systems.
Power-Factor Correction: In transformers and electric motors, capacitor banks are used to correct power-factor lag or phase shift in AC Power Supplies.The power factor of an AC power system is a comparison of the power used by the load, called the “real power,” divided by the power supplied to the load, known as “apparent power.” In other words, the power factor is the ratio of the useful work performed by a circuit compared to the maximum useful work that could have been performed at the supplied voltage and amperage.
In electric power distribution, capacitor banks are used for power-factor correction. These banks are needed to counteract inductive loading from devices like electric motors and transmission lines, thus making the load appear to be mostly resistive. In essence, power-factor correction capacitors increase the current-carrying capacity of the system. By adding capacitive banks, you can add additional load to a system without altering the apparent power. Banks can also be used in a direct-current (DC) power supply to increase the ripple-current capacity of the power supply or to increase the overall amount of stored energy.

• Store Energy: Like individual capacitors, capacitive banks store electric energy when it is connected to a charging circuit and release that energy when discharged. Capacitors are commonly used in electronic devices to maintain power supply while batteries are being changed. For modern consumer devices like mobile phones, high-storage capacity is needed in a very small volume due to limited space.

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