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Hospital or data centre
Jan 08, 2018

ZDDQ PQS Active Harmonic Filter solutions for efficient and reliable operation in hospitals or data centres.

Harmonics condition and requirement in Hospitals and data centres

Hospitals are places where reliable power distribution is needed to guarantee patient health,save lives. Continuity and reliability of power supply are extremely important. Automatic power restoration time of different healthcare venues is as follows: category 0 venues t≤15s; category 1 venues 0.5s≤t≤15s; and category 2 venues t≤0.5s.

The use of new moden electrical devices, such as CT scanners, MRI scanners, X-ray machines, and others is increasing in hospitals. Device loads contain massive harmonic current, and can impact the hospital power networks,thereby reducing power quality. Harmonic mitigation and management is necessary to ensure the safety of hospital distribution systems.

Data Centres

Data Centres are places where reliable power supply is necessary to guarantee the stability of datas.Continuity and reliability of power supply with lower harmonics are extremely important.

UPSs are increasingly common as data centres pursue a reliable power supply. As most UPSs use 6-pulse or 12-pulse rectifiers, a high volume of harmonic current can flow into the grid and affect grid stability.

Power quality problem description in hospitals
Harmonics affect lighting stability and interfere with precision medical instruments such as CT scanners, MRI scanners and ECGs, reducing examination accuracy and ultimately affecting physician diagnoses of patients’ conditions. In addition, massive harmonic current also reduce the stability of hospital distribution systems, which result in power outages due to tripping and the necessity of harmonic elimination.

Referring to onsite inspection, pilot testing and assessment, an Acitve Harmonic Filter is installed at the secondary site of the LV distribution transformer.

After implementing an Active Harmonic Filter in a large hospital, the lighting system became stable, there were reduced reports of extreme noise interference on instruments, machine stability was enhanced, failure and maintenance frequency was reduced, and harmonic impact on the stability and safety of the hospital distribution system were eradicated.

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