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Jan 06, 2019

zddq power quality solutions for wind farm

Low voltage intelligent power capacitor

This is a new generation of energy-saving reactive power compensation device which can effectively reduce capacitor loss/wastage of coil, improve power factor and electrical quality in 0.4KV low voltage network. This product onsists of intelligent measurement and control unit, passing zero switch, rpotection unit and 2 triangle type /1 Y type LV power capacitor. Heavy structure and bulky size no longer exist, the product is smaller, easy to do maintenance,lower loss and longer lifetime with better price. Meet high requirement of modern intelligent power network to power compensation.

Main functions

  1. Filtration function
  2. Function of Switching without surge
  3. Respective compensation function
  4. Measurement
  5. Protection function
  6. Signaling function
  7. Communication function
  8. Connection function
  9. Intelligent network control
  10. Self-diagnosed function

What we offer

Integrated Capaicotrs with Thyristor

Intergrated Capacitors with Combination switch

Intergrated Capacitors with Contactors

Remark:Reactors optional

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