ZDDQ Active Power Filter (APF) Applied in the CNC Industry
Apr 18,2020

Power quality problems and Industry background

Dynamic reactive power, lower power factors, and higher harmonic content are common power quality problems in the CNC industry. Major contamination sources of power quality include the punching machines,welding machines. When harmonics occur, dynamic reactive current and 3-phase imbalance are produced.

During the CNC period, the power factor of arc furnace is below 0.7, and even drops to 0.1 after a short circuit. During the refining period, the power factor is only 0.8. Voltage fluctuates as reactive power is dynamic, and this can have a great impact on the grid and influence the normal operation of other loads.

Power quality problem description

--serious harmonics.

Thermal losses are severe for power distribution equipment such as distribution transformers, breakers, and cables. The control system and equipment efficiency of the induction melting furnace is reduced significantly. As capacity blowing and resonance problems occur to the 10KV transformer, there are high reactive power fines, and the maintenance fee and management cost of the distribution system soar. Production capacity and efficiency are significantly affected.

harmoincs picture
harmonics analysis


Install ZDDQ active power filter and static var generator.

circuit waveform before apf
ciucuit waveform after apf
Current waveform before APF Current waveform after APF

Site deployment

active power filter panel site picture

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