Solution of voltage sag
Apr 13,2020

Voltage Sag

Voltage sag is the main problem to cause the losses of industrial production.

Unpredictable outage rarely happen in many high automated process control industries. who have the good power supplies.

Voltage Sag is mostly caused by thunder,but it also has other reasons.

Power system cause: starting of heavy machine and short circuit fault.

Unpredictable accident:traffic accident,construction accident,animals invasion.

Losses by voltage Sag

  1. Production material be scrapped.
  2. The life time of production equipment be shorten.
  3. Production line need long time to be recovered.
  4. Delivery time be influenced.


ZDDQ AVC-RTS is an ideal solution for the deep and short term voltage sags to maintain power reliability and avoid facility shutdowns. Inverter paralled in the system and supper capacitor as energy storage,this combination technology leading to

●High reliability

  1. 0~100% voltage sag perfect regulation. Fast voltage regulation within 2ms respond time.
  2. Redundancy design of inverter,300KVA AVC-RTS be equipment with 150KVA**3 Sets modules.
  3. Energy return protection and downstream fault removal capabilities.

●Low operation cost

  1. The structure of parallel and standby design makes the system efficiency to 99%.
  2. High power density of super capacitor ensure small footprint.
  3. Super capacitors no cooling cost to guarantee the low working temperature.

Single Line Diagram

ZDDQ AVC-RTS equipment includes energy storage unit and host inverter unit.When voltage sag happens, the 3 phase thyristor module which in the host inverter unit rapidly separates the inverter from the grid to prevent the supper capacitors from delivering energy to the grid,the inverter module converts the energy of super capacitor and outputs it to the load.

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