ZD-MJCB Medium voltage automatic power factor controller and protection Unit
Jul 27,2020


ZD-MCJB Medium voltage automatic power factor controller and protection Unit

Our R&D has developed MV automatic power factor controller and protection unit since May 2019, and has intalled in many sites an d has a very good running.

Now we introduce our MV auto PF controller and protection unit officially.

ZD-MCJB PF controller and protection unit is suitable for automatically adjusting of medium voltage capacitor compensation device in distribution system to improve ,control power factor to reach user's rpredetermined state,increase the utilization efficiency of power transformer or loads, reduce line losses, and omprovem power quality.

Function-Power factor controller

1. Accounting switch ON and switch Off capacity capacitance by the fundamental wave reactive power may avoid any form switch on and switch off vibration, and be able to demonstrate the electrical network power factor correctly under the hamonic wave situation.

2.High measuing accuracy of power factor,wide display scope.

3. Real time display total pwoer factor

4. Real time display THDi and THDu

5. There are five codes output types for user's selection.

6. Models available up to 4 capacitor banks control

7. Friendly Human machine interface(HMI), easy to operate.

8. Various controlling parameters whole digit tunable.

9. Two working modes: Auto Running and mnual running.

Function-Multipul Protection

1. Over Voltage protection function

2.  Under voltage protection function

3. Harmonic wave protection function

4. Capacitance protection for each capacitor group

5.Trip Switch protection

6.Data saving protectiion function.Data will not loss when it is power break.

Technical Data

1. Rated Voltage: AC100V(+/- 20%)

2. Rated Currentl: AC0~5A

3. Rated Frequency:50Hz/60Hz

4. Power factor range: lag 0.001~lead 0.001

5. Reactive Poweer range:0~65Mvar

6. Acive Power range:0~65MW

7. Under voltage protection: 75V

8. Sensitivitiy:20mA.

9. Output contact capacitance:AC220V 7A

10. Complete machines consumed power:10w

11. Installation Mode: Inserting type insallation rear gear accessories fixed or guide rail installation

12. Unit with Communication capability on Serial(RS-232C/RS485HD), GSM/GPRS

medium voltage power factor relay and protection

13. Protection Level: Enclosure IP 40

Service Enviroments

1. Altitude: <2500m

2. Ambient Temperature:-25~+50℃

3. Humidity:<90% at 20

4. No corrosive gas,eletric conduction dust and explosive matters.

5. Without Shrewd vibration.

ZD-MCJB installed in 11kv auto power factor correction panel

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