Installation of 11kv 2.5Mvar Statcom, reducing electricity bills
Jul 17,2020


High Electricity Bills in Steel Factory.


To analyze the power quality at Steels Factory and to understand the Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Active power,Reactive power, Apparent power, THD profile and to suggest the required solution to improve Power Factor, to qualify for Utility PF incentive.

Towards fulfilling the need, fixed Capacitor bank of 2400KVAr has been installed at 11 KV level. The system is overcompensating and is not appropriate for fast changing loads or dynamic loading scenarios.

Single Line Diagram

single Line Diagram of ZDDQ STATCOM

ZDDQ design

ZDDQ engineers suggest and design 2.5Mvar STATCOM at 11kv side, for the load of Electric ARC Furnance (EAFs),to improve powerr factor from 0.75 to 0.95.

Improve Power factor, reduce system current, reduce KVA,and reduce KVAH, and reduce electricity bills.

Benefits of ZDDQ Solution

Item ITEM Datas
1 Main Problem Load is changing fast and frequently. Electricity bills are very high. Need dynamic reactive power compensation system
2 Rated Votlage 11kV
3 Rated Frenquency 50Hz
4 Load 10 Ton Electric ARC Furnace
5 Previous PF before STATCOM 0.75
6 Existing PF After STATCOM 0.96
7 KVA reduction due to improved PF 248KVA
8 Total KVA reduction 248KVA
11 Total saving/year (USD) 79,600USD
12 2.5Mvar 11kV STACOM/year USD86,000

  1. STATCOM both compensate inductive and capacitive power with fast response.
  2. The Voltage flicker will be stabilized and the network will be with reduced voltage fluctuations.
  3. Reduced Current and KVA Shoot ups . This Will lessen stress and therefore improve life of cables and transformers .
  4. System current will reduce by over 10%, increasing life of cables and transformers. Copper losses will reduce by over 0.5%.
  5. Reduction of harmonics will reduce failures of critical equipments like control circuits IT .
  6. Due to better design and use of high standard material , maintenance cost will be much lower .
  7. STATCOM life is much longer .
  8. If there is load increase in the future because of expansion plan, the KVA demand reduction will add into cash savings.

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ZDDQ outdoor containerized statcom

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