Dynamic power quality solutions
Jan 19,2020

A changing electrical network brings new power quality issues.

Today the way we generate, use, and control our energy is changing. New and renewable generation and distribution technology is becoming common, and combined with more dynamic and complex load profiles, there are more challenges faced by the network and energy users to provide high power quality.

A new way to improve your power quality.
A modern and changing transmission and distribution network requires new solutions to correct power quality issues. ZDDQ brings to market a new range of dynamic power quality solutions designed to provide high power quality to your installation.

Dynamic Power Quality Solutions

The energy market of today is radically different and continually changing. New generation and distribution technologies, such as solar

and wind, are changing the infrastructure of the electrical network, and new loads and technology are changing the way power is drawn and used.

Today’s load profiles are becoming more dynamic and fast changing, leading to more demanding power requirements and rapid reactive power needs. As well as this, the technology powering these loads are utilising solid state technology more often–these ‘non-linear’ loads draw current non-sinusoidally, creating harmonic disturbances on the network.

Modern problems such as these require modern solutions. ZDDQ Electronics range of Power Quality units use high quality inverter technology to provide market leading solutions to poor power quality problems.

power quality problem poor power quality
power quality problems harmonics
power quality problems 3 phase unbalance

Power Quality
High Power Quality is the ability to deliver a clean and stable power supply. Essentially this is a pure, noise free, sinusoidal wave, with voltage and current in phase.
There are three common power quality issues faced across the electrical network today:

  1. Power Factor: a poor power factor results in a phase angle difference between the current and voltage waveforms in an AC system.
  2. Harmonics: multiples of the fundamental frequency impacting the supply, resulting in heavily distorted waveforms.
  3. Network 3 phase unbalance: differing line voltages across phases, caused by unbalanced loads and single phase and phase-to-phase connections.

Poor power quality has many negative impacts on an installation, from nuisance tripping and losses through to shut down and equipment damage. These impacts often have a direct effect on the bottom line and your facility. Improving power quality can reduce your energy costs, increase efficiency, and improve service life of infrastructure.

power quality problems

Superior Technology
Better, reliable, adaptable, affordable and modern technology to improve power factor and mitigate harmonics.
Static Var Generator
The Static Var Generator (SVG) is the newest technology on the market used to correct power factor issues.
Utilizing solid state inverter technology, the SVG delivers instantaneous power factor correction to the grid by injecting current within 20ms. With no risk of over- or under-correction, the SVG can correct the power factor of the system to > 0.99 under all load conditions. As well as this, the SVG can correct the power factor of both leading and lagging loads and can correct unbalanced networks.

  1. Precise and step-less compensation
  2. Fast and dynamic compensation, with a response time less than 20ms
  3. Rugged and adaptable
  4. Highly stable and configurable
Robust, modular, and highly adaptable, the Static Var Generator is the modern solution for power factor correction.
Traditional power factor correction technology: capacitor banks
New dynamic power factor correction:Static var generator
Traditional power factor correction: capacitor banks New dynamic power factor correction:Static var generator

Active Harmonic Filter
Active harmonic filters are the premier solution available today for mitigating harmonic issues. The Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) provides market leading solutions for harmonic correction.
Able to mitigate harmonics from 2nd order up to the 50th order with a harmonic filtering rate up to 98%, the AHF can also correct power factor and unbalanced three phase networks. High efficiency (>97%), low losses (<3%), and fast (total response (20ms) the AHF is adaptable and ensures network stability by providing infinite impedance to the grid.
The Active Harmonic Filter is the premium solution available for correcting your power quality requirements.

  1. Multifunctional compensation for all power quality requirements
  2. Highly efficient and capable
  3. Fast, dynamic response under all load conditions
  4. Excellent environmental adapdability
The Complete Power Quality Solution

Metal closed active harmonic filter panel

Metal closed static var generator panel

Hybrid Solutions

Metal closed static var generator and active harmonic filter system

Metal closed static var generator and capacitor banks system

hybrid compensation svg and capacitor banks

Medium voltage dynamic reactive power compensator


outdoor 10Mvar statcom

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