Types of Reactive compensation systems
Jan 17,2020

Centralised compensation

Centralised compensation by means of an automatic capacitor bank with automatic regulation offers the most simple and economical solution.

The reactive power is subdivided in a number of capacitor steps that can be connected independently. A reactive power controller continuously measures the needs of the installation and connects or disconnects the capacitors until the target power factor is achieved.

The advantage of this system is that the total capacitor power is smaller than the sum needed for individual compensation. Therefore this system is a good economical solution.

Group compensation

ZDDQ Group compensation HV capacitor banks

ZDDQ Group compensation LV capacitor banks

Several inductive loads can be grouped together and equipped with a common capacitor bank. This system usually applies for users that have their own installations with distribution transformers and high voltage power lines/cables.

The reactive power that is consumed by the transformers is compensated by the permanently connected capacitors to the secondary side of the transformers.

Individual compensation

ZDDQ Individual compensation capacitor banks

ZDDQ Individual compensation active harmonic filter

ZDDQ Individual compensation static var generator

This type of compensation is applied to motors, transformers, and in general to loads with a high time of operation.

Capacitors are directly connected in parallel to the terminals of the loads.

This system minimizes the reactive current circulating through the installation, enabling the use of smaller switchgear and power lines or cables, which means a lower capital expenditure for new installations.

In the case of existing installations, utilising capacitors for power factor correction will increase the maximum apparent power that can be supplied to the installation. However great care must be taken in selecting the size of capacitor because of the risk of self excitation of the electric motor.

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