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Hybrid Power Factor Correction
Jun 16, 2018

Hybrid power factor correction

Hybrid Power Factor Correction provide an instantaneous and effective response to power quality problems in low or high voltage electric power systems with lower cost. They enable longer equipment lifetime, higher process reliability, improved power system capacity and stability, and reduced energy losses, complying with most demanding power quality standards and grid codes.

svg tsc hybrid var compensation hybrid power factor correction

svg tsc mixed reactive power compensation

SVG TSC hybrid power factor correction
SVG TSC mixed reactive power compensation

Active power factor correction systems utilise power electronics and digital control to achieve active reactive current compensation for specific and high performance solutions. The  active power factor correction unit utilises closed loop control to correct power factor with a ¼ cycle (5mS) response.  This is suitable for unsteady fast changing loads such as cranes, welders, saws and debarking machines. However, sites containing loads such as these generally have a steadier base load. Considering active power factor correction produces a significant amount of heat, the question is whether the whole site needs active power factor correction when only part of the site needs it.A hybrid power factor correction system is comprised from both capacitor based and active power factor correction. Active power factor correction is used to cope with the unsteady fast changing portion of total load while capacitor banks support correction by correcting the steadier base load. This system offers the high level performance of an active system combined with the cost effectiveness offered by capacitor bank correction.

Typical Design


Hybrid Active Power Factor Correction with filters

hybrid var compensator


Hybrid power factor correction is completely step-less, instantaneous, and precise. Moreover, it can help clients realize significant fuel savings on DG operation. Furthermore, ZDDQ's unique priority setting feature allows you to get the maximum out of the installed filter capacity by using any spare capacity for harmonic compensation, load balancing, and neutral compensation

  1. Synchronous Rotating Frame Principal for best performance
  2. Ultra fast compensation
  3. Proven performance on welding
  4. Selective Harmonic compensation
  5. Step-less Reactive Power Compensation
  6. Negative Sequence Compensation (load balancing)
  7. Zero Sequence Compensation (neutral compensation)


  1. Performance of Active with cost effectiveness of passive
  2. Compliance with prescribed harmonic limits - No penalty
  3. Unity Power Factor - higher savings
  4. Reduced energy (kVAh) charges - higher savings
  5. Reduced peak demand charges - higher savings
  6. Reduced fuel consumption in generators - higher savings
  7. Ultra fast compensation - effective with fast fluctuating load
  8. Proven performance on welding
  9. Optimum capacity utilization of electrical infrastructure
  10. Optimum capacity utilization of backup generators
  11. Improved voltage profile
  12. Reduced risk of transformer failure - higher uptime
  13. Reduced risk of equipment failure - higher uptime

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