active power filter
Jan 06, 2019

Energy Saving

Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill. Many facilities have mandates to save energy. Improving energy efficiency offers huge advantages to businesses—reducing the costs of energy and operations— and increasing sustainability. Reduced power costs can be achieved by reducing the voltage received and increasing the quality of the power. ZDDQ develop technologies to achieve efficiencies for industrial and commercial high energy users through standardised and customised solutions.

Reduce power consumption and reduce your costs and environmental footprint.

Technologies for reducing Electricity Bill,

Power factor correction(PFC) – by reducing reactive power consumption

Active Hamonic Filter– by eliminating unwanted harmonics

Static VAR Generators(SVG) – through creating efficiencies by adapting to fast changing loads


Save money by saving energy

One of the best ways to save money on an electric bill is to reduce the amount of energy used in a facility, either through the use of energy-efficient devices, or through intelligent building control systems. Energy-efficient devices can range from variable frequency drives (VFDs) for motor control, to utilizing LED lighting, or high-efficiency motors and transformers. Intelligent building controls can leverage new or existing technology to reduce energy consumption through load management, lighting control and advanced thermostats. This section will explore, in detail, the methods available to save money through directly reducing energy consumption in facilities. Three main load types dominate electricity use in commercial facilities. HVAC, lighting and plug loads (office device and computers) combine to represent almost 85% of all electric energy consumed by commercial customers.

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