ZDDQ Active Power Filter APF-1000
Mar 23,2020

Overview of Active Power Filter APF-1000

APF-1000 Active power filter has various compensation modes (harmonic, reactive power, three-phase unbalance and capacitor switching control), which can simultaneously make the said various compensation, and the proportion of compensation capacity by harmonic, reactive power, and three-phase unbalance can also be set, comprehensively solving the problem of power quality of the low-voltage distribution side;

Technical Performance of APF-1000

Operating voltage AC 440V
Operating frequency 50Hz±2.5Hz
Rated capacity 50A (30kvar), 75A (50kvar), 100A (75kvar), 150A (100kvar)
Parallel connection of multiple machines Up to 10 sets can be connected in parallel
Response time ≤5ms
Efficiency of single machine ≥97%
Main circuit structure Three-phase four-wire
Circuit topology Three-level topology
Display Interface External LCD screen 7inch
Display status Displayed in a data mode
Operations Manual start, automatic start
Communication RS485, Modbus communication protocol
Environment temperature -20 ~ 55 (rated power output)
Storage temperature -3070
Relative humidity 95 % at a maximum, no condensation
Altitude Below 1500 meters above sea level
Cooling requirements It requires well ventilation, and the air vent can be opened through the cabinet door, or a fan can be installed in the cabinet.
Working mode Harmonic compensation, reactive power compensation, three-phase load unbalance compensation, and capacitor switching control.
Harmonic filtering The device can filter out 2nd to 50th order harmonics at the same time, and harmonics can be filtered out for specific times between 2nd to 50th order.
Current limit The compensating current is automatically limited within the rated current range.
Compensation effect Total harmonic current distortion rate (THDi) < 5%;
Reactive power factor > 0.99
Three-phase unbalance degree < 5%;

Performance of Active Power Filter
effect befor and after active power filter

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