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Mar 17,2020

China's economy

According to China Daily

China's economy is gradually returning back to normal, as major industrial companies outside of Hubei province have resumed work at a rate of more than 90 percent, China's top economic regulator said on Tuesday.

The nonferrous metal industry's electricity consumption has reached normal level last year, and power consumption in the medical, chemical and electronics sectors has been restored to 90 percent of the normal level.

Despite the spread of the virus,the cooperation between countries, the efforts of people, science and technology will overcome coronavirus.

ZDDQ factory

Because of Good customer relations, hard efforts of workers,firmly support from government, ZDDQ factory have been working in a very busy state since it resumed work in Feb.22nd.2020.

We has delivered and installed more than 60sets 10kv switch gears for National Grid from Feb.25th till Marth 13rd. Please view videos in You-tube. https://studio.youtube.com/video/kS9Cs3uWE34/edit

11KV VCB switch gears

ZDDQ has won 2 tenders in China in March.
ZDDQ has finished commissioning of 1600Amps Active Harmonic Filter&Static Var  Generator from Feb to March.
ZDDQ has shipped 600Amps 60hz Active Harmonic Filter to Brazil and Colombia.
ZDDQ has shipped 27 sets 100kvar Static Var Generator to India,Thailand and Australia.
ZDDQ will ship 960kvar(6.6kv 2sets) fixed capacitor banks and 750kvar(6.6kv 2sets) APFC to SA in March.
ZDDQ will ship 350kvar(0.4kv) TSC and 2200kvar(0.4kv,3.3kv) APFC  to Africa.
ZDDQ will ship 450Amps 60hz Active Harmonic Filter to Brazil.

Expect better world and friendly win-win cooperation.

active harmonic filter package

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