Reactive Power Compensation Introduction
May 26,2020

Power Factor: Power factor correction(Cosφ)

Benefits of power factor correction

  1. Improves system power factor
  2. Reduces network losses
  3. Avoid penalty charges from utilities for excessive consumption of reactive power
  4. Reduces cost and generates higher revenue for the customer
  5. Increases system capacity and saves cost on new installations
  6. Improves voltage regulation in the network
  7. Increases power availability
SVG stepless power factor correction

Harmonic mitigation

Benefits of harmonic mitigation

  1. Reduces harmonic content in the network which further reduces disturbances in telecommunication network, misbehavior in control equipments and relay protections, measuring errors in metering system
  2. Reduces network losses
  3. Reduces equipment overloading & stress on insulation
  4. Reduces cost and generates higher revenue for the customer
  5. Reduces unplanned outages and increases power availability
APF solution of harmonics mitigation

Solutions Depends on aim

  1. Reactive power need and no harmonics
    ·Low voltage Capacitor Banks
    ·Medium voltage Capacitor Banks
  2. Reactive power need and no distortion even if harmonics are present
    ·Detued filters
  3. Reactive power need and distortion problems
    ·Tuned Filters
  4. Reactive power need and strong distortion problems such as voltage fluctuations or phase asimetry
    ·Low voltage static var generator
    ·Medium Voltage STATCOM

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