Method for determining compensation step 3 Allowance for operating conditions and harmonics
Dec 19,2019

Method for determining compensation (Power Factor correction Guidelines)

Step 3: Allowance for operating conditions and harmonics

Capacitor banks should be selected depending on the working conditions expected during their lifetime.

Allowing for operating conditions

The operating conditions have a great influence on the life expectancy of capacitors.

The following parameters should be taken into account:

  1. Ambient Temperature (°C)
  2. Expected over-current, related to voltage disturbances, including maximum sustained overvoltage
  3. Maximum number of switching operations/year
  4. Required life expectancy.
  5. Ambient Altitude

Our Power Factor Correction equipment are not suitable for a use in an environment with an explosive atmosphere .

Choice of compensation type

Equipments using power electronics (variable speed drives, rectifiers, UPSs, arc furnaces, fluorescent lamps, etc.) generate harmonic currents in electrical networks.

Such harmonics can interfere with the operation of many devices, including capacitors, which are highly sensitive to harmonics. A high level of harmonic pollution causes capacitors to overheat and age prematurely (breakdown).

Different types of compensation must be chosen according to the power of the harmonic generators: standard or detuned. They can be selected as shown on the following chart.

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