How to calculate the capacity(Vars) of reactive power compensation
Dec 28,2019

Reactive power is necessary to generate magnetic fields, e.g. in motors, transformers and generators. This power oscillates between the source and the load and represents an additional loading.

Static var Compensator (SVC) and static var generator can suppress the voltage fluctuation, flicker and rapidly compensate the reactive power and the quality of electric power can be improved.

power factor power triangle

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Table (10kv system)

Data Item Power Factor θ Sinθ Tagθ P (Kw) Q   (KVAr) S (KVA) Current (Amp) Voltage (Kv)
Before Compensation 0.85 31.79 0.53 0.62 1000 620 1176 68 10
After Compensation 1.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 1000 0 1000 58
Capacity of Compensation 620 36

  1. Case 1,kown datas: active power and power factor;
  2. Case 2,kown datas: active power and reactive power;
  3. Case 3,kown datas: apparent power  and power factor;
  4. Case 4,kown datas:Current and power factor;
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