active power filter
Active Harmoni filter Applications
Jun 16, 2018

Many industrial facilities place poor power quality at the top of the list of inefficiency factors responsible for losses due to reduced productivity and lower quality of products. Optimal electrical power utilization becomes a challenge, as well as a necessity to keep up with everincreasing energy demand without drastic increases in energy costs.

Large industrial, commercial and institutional power users can benefit from centralized medium voltage reactive power compensation systems. Medium voltage solutions typically require lower initial capital expenditures ($/kVAR) than low voltage solutions while addressing most common power quality problems. Medium voltage metal-enclosed compensation systems provide centralized solution approach with attractive installation options supporting the scale and scope of large electrical services.

Typical installations can be found at automotive, pulp/paper, steel, petrochemical, mining/mineral and other large industrial facilities. Many large commercial and institutional customers with medium voltage distribution network can also take advantage of medium voltage reactive compensation systems.

Low voltage capacitor compensation systems can provide similar benefit of centralized solution at attractive costs for most mid and small industrial, commercial and institutional users. It offers very flexible, yet effective power factor compensation system in the low voltage network.

An AHF can be used alone or in conjunction with other power quality correction equipment such as tuned harmonic filters, capacitor banks, etc. It can be placed in various locations within the electrical distribution network. Multiple units can be connected in parallel to provide higher compensation current to meet the TDD levels defined in IEEE519-1992 standard or levels defined in the plant operating requirements (5%-8%).

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