Why do we need Power Compensation ?
Apr 03,2020

Power factor correction

Connected equipment (transformers, motors, air-conditioning, refrigerators, etc.) cause a phase angle between current and voltage.When the current is phase-shifted, it takes more current to deliver the same amount of active power.

Power factor compensation

Impact of reactive power

• Transmission equipment has to be sized for the apparent power, yet only active power is useful

• Increased losses in the network

• You pay for apparent power but use active power (higher electricity bill)

• Penalty fees to customers with a low power factor (example < 0.95)


Power consumers, network operators, power supplies, power industry,hospitals, offices, public buildings, factories.

ZDDQ Solutions

The power factor of a facility can be improved by installing capacitor banks

Low voltage capacitor banks

Medium voltage capacitor banks

•low voltage static var generator

•Medium voltage STATCOM

Harmonic filtering

Variable speed drives (process industries, lifts, air conditioning pumps, etc.), uninterruptible power supplies for computers, electronic equipment, etc. distort the current (introduce harmonics).

Impact of harmonics on transmission / distribution equipment

Additional losses (paid for by the end user)
Heating in power cables
Audible noise (transformers)
Penalty fees to customers with a low power factor (example < 0.95)

Impact of harmonics on equipment connected
Decreased machine efficiency
Costly process shutdowns
Disturbed electronic equipment (computers, telephones)

harmonics filter


Power consumers, network operators, power supplies, power industry

ZDDQ Solutions
Filter capacitor banks

Active Power filters

Passive filters

Power compensation brings

Economic benefits

Return on investment is generally below 18 months

Saving the costs of reactive power
Additional savings through reduced active power losses
Reduction in investment cost
Environmental benefits
Reduced CO2 emissions
Customers see environmental benefits through energy savings and more efficient power systems.
By saving millions of tons of CO2, power compensation makes an active contribution to protecting the environment.
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