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Nov 25,2019

Manufacture of power quality solutions,ZDDQ ensuring stronger, smarter and greener grids

Power quality is a major concern for transmission and distribution utilities, industries, and transport and infrastructure sectors. Poor power quality affects grid reliability, productivity, leads to higher operating costs and penalties for non-compliance with grid codes. ZDDQ is a technology leader with a wide range of products, systems and services that improve power quality including capacitors and filters, power electronics-based compensators and software solutions, across the power value chain for low, medium and high-voltage applications, helping to shape a stronger, smarter and greener grid.

ZDDQ family of metal enclosed capacitor banks are a ‘one stop’ solution for maintaining power quality in medium voltage networks and comprise of premium range of primary and secondary components, including world-class, highly reliable capacitors from ZDDQ.

The ZDDQ family improves power quality by compensating reactive power, improving power factor or actively mitigating harmonics. The design consists of a compact modular enclosure that combines primary components with secondary control and protection equipment.The system can be either configured as fixed or switched, with the switched bank consisting of single or multiple steps, automatically controlled to improve power factor.

power factor correction panels applied in Petrochemical industry
statcom applied in wind farm
automatic power factor correction panels applied in utility power grid
active harmonic filter applied in mining industry
Wind Farm Utility


Petrochemical segment

Power quality challenge:

Power factor correction and harmonic filtering requirement. Since it was a diesel powered site, it was important to ensure efficiency of equipment and fuel, as well as reducing cost of power supply without the risk of over-compensation.

How ZDDQ addresses this challenge:

Multistep detuned power factor correction capacitor banks are connected to the network to maintain a high power factor (0.9) and perform limited harmonic filtering ensuring generators can run without problems.

Wind segment

Power quality challenge:

Var support and grid code compliance of wind farm.

How ZDDQ addresses this challenge:

Multistage, automated remote control of var compensation Statcom are connected to power grid to allow flexible compensation during operation of the wind farm.

Utility segment
Power quality challenge:

Power factor correction in a dense city area- safe and compact solution was the key requirement. Customer needed a standardized easy-to-manufacture solution.

How ZDDQ addresses this challenge:

Automated, multistep detuned solution power factor correcton panels that was repeatable and allowed the customer to standardize their solution for all inner city substations.

Mining segment

Power quality challenge in target segment:

Excessive harmonic pollution at MV level. A metal enclosed solution(Active harmonic filter) was required due to the highly polluted and dangerous environment.

How ZDDQ addresses this challenge:

An active harmonic filter was designed and incorporated into the solution.

ZDDQ Power Quality family Features and benefits

Improved power quality in a wide voltage range

Power factor is the measurement of how effectively AC electrical power is being used. When the power factor is high and close to unity, high system efficiency can be achieved. Therefore, an im- provement in power factor or a reduction in harmonics can lead to enhanced power quality, and energy efficiency, contribute to industrial pro- ductivity and lower carbon emissions.

The ZDDQ family improves energy efficiency and reduces system losses by improving the power factor. It is available in a wide range of voltages that allows for it to be flexibly connected to any MV network.

Ensuring compliance with utility regulations

The ZDDQ family enable compliance with power quality regulations on power factor and harmonics. This helps customers avoid penalties imposed by utilities and/or refusal to connect installations to the grid.

Active mitigation of harmonics

Due to growing use of power electronic based equipments, harmonics are a growing issue in the electrical grids. If excessive, they are detrimental for the good operation of electrical systems and may even lead to equipment failure. While lower levels of harmonics will not lead to failures, they reduce the system efficiency and can lead to reduced lifetime of electrical equipment. ZDDQ family is available in inrush, detuning and active filter options, enabling to pick the right solution for addressing harmonics efficiently.

Improved system usage

As the ZDDQ family can be used to offload the network by removing the demand for reactive power, more active power can be transferred.

This potentially allows for cost savings, as the investment for infrastructure equipment like transformers, switchgear

and cable to serve additional loads is low to negligible.

Types of Compensation(capacitor banks/APF/SVG)

Individual compensation

With this compensation type, individual loads (e.g. motors) are compensated. The special advantage with individual compensation is that existing switching and external protective devices for the machine to be compensated can also be utilized, in addition to the standard internal protection. Also, the upstream cables or transformers are offloaded optimally, resulting in maximum reduction in network losses.

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Central compensation

The ZDDQ amily offers flexibility to meet the varying requirements of utility and industrial users due to its unique modular design. The design allows compensation to be connected at different points in the network and offers different configurations for reactive power compensation and harmonic mitigation.

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Group compensation

Group compensation can be applied when a concentrated group of loads needs to be or can be compensated. This compensation type reduces load on the upstream cables or transformers thereby decreasing energy losses.

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