60Hz Active Harmonic Filter test In Brazil
Feb 04,2020

Industry background
Chemical industry involves many mechanical processes with demanding quality requirements. Before any mechanical smelting, casting, or stamping, an induction melting furnace is used to melt metal. Most induction melting furnaces use a 6-pulse or 12-pulse rectifier, which produces high volumes of harmonic and reactive power. As a result, the production efficiency of induction melting furnaces decreases, production costs rise, and metal quality falls.

Welding, stamping, and coating equipment are indispensable for automated automotive assembly. In addition to the harmonic current, the load of such equipment changes randomly and rapidly, and the flicker and voltage dip caused by the reactive current is severe. Serious power quality problems affect both automotive production efficiency and production quality.

From Brazil

Power quality problem description
Thermal losses are severe for power distribution equipment such as distribution transformers, breakers, and cables. The control system and equipment efficiency of the induction melting furnace is reduced significantly. As capacity blowing and resonance problems occur to the 10KV transformer, there are high reactive power fines, and the maintenance fee and management cost of the distribution system soar. Production capacity and efficiency are significantly affected.

ZDDQ Solutions
Active Power Filter 60Hz 3phase 4wire

Pictures without Active power filter installation

A phase THDI without APF installation B phase THDI without APF installationc C phase THDI without APF installation

A phase THDU without APF installation
B phase THDU without APF installation
C phase THDU without APF installation

Waveform before APF installation PF KW KVA before APF installation data display on APF before running

Pitcutres after Active power filter installation

A phase THDI after APF installation
B phase THDI without APF installation
C phase THDI without APF installation

A phase THDU After APF running
B phase THDU After APF running
C phase THDU After APF running

Waveform after APF installation
PF KW KVA After APF running data display on APF HMI After APF running
Remark, clients didn't open the function of power factor improvement.

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